The Stained Glass Artist and Wildlife Advocate

Julia is the artist behind our stained-glass art at KahanArts. Colors and glass have always intrigued her, and she incorporated these colorful glasses into images of animals that inspired her work.

A woman standing next to a painting of two lions.
A room with many pillars and stained glass windows.

From Medicine to Art

After her 30-year career as an orthopedic surgeon, she returned to school to learn the art of stained glass. While she was studying art, she obtained her Registered Veterinary Technician license at the same time.

Creating Stained Glass Art

Most of Julia’s pieces are inspired by her original photographic works. She uses them as templates for staining glass, printing the patterns on paper before cutting them out. After that, she selects the colors of glass that would look good together to make the piece.

Julia cuts the glass by hand through scoring and breaking. After this, she refines them with grinding. Once the pieces fit together, they are wrapped in copper foil and then soldered together. She will then frame and polish the piece to complete the process.

A stained glass window of two cats and a mouse.
A woman is petting the face of a cow.

Helping Animals

As a Registered Veterinarian Technician, Julia works with both small and large animals. She combines her love for animals, colors, and working with her hands in every stained-glass art. She also donates the proceeds of her work to various animal rescue organizations.

Interested in Her Works?

If you have any questions about Julia or her stained glass art, reach out to her today.